hahaha whoops

well everyone. i have to say i feel pretty bad about being so shitty at blogging and stuff. i felt it was quite "jobbigt" to keep it up while out in domsten even though i still had so much time. my life has been so amazing lately. i'm on to the homestretch of exchange and i'm really sad about it. two months left or something. for karter - the new site is http://chlochlo.bilddagboken.se it may not be better, but i find it super easy so traalaa. it's lots of pictures! lots of love to everyone. tell me if you guys still read this thing then i'll start writing more.



it came last tuesday!!! it's hard as hell. but so fun. yesterday christoffer and mange and i went out and attempted.. christoffer is so fricken good at it. i suck. maybe today will be better :D



olympiafesten was on tuesday! it was so insane! the school threw a huge party at a bar here in helsingborg. 18+ room for the "legal aged" drinkers. it went from 21 - 02!! kosmonout played again! oh how i love them. and nice pillow. but it was insane for a school event!! so massive. haha my kulture teacher anders was there pretty jolly dancing with everyone. it was so fun. except the coat check sucked. we were squished in line and my feet hurt so badly so hedvig stayed in line so i could sit down. it took her about half hour to get our jackets then turned out mine wasn't there! so i had to wait until 03 to ask if they still had it! luckily they did. overall an epic night :D


wassabi nuts

Went for a walk today with Parents Roos and Remi. Really nice but froze my ears off. Oh well. Then we went to Väla for some reason. Got yum stuff at Tasty house.
This is Mathé - he's in love with me.
And this is the view out of one of the windows.


Epic Ninjas

So I haven't written in quite some time because I now live with Family Roos. I really love it out here in Domsten. I have no wireless so I don't have loads of time for the computer. I'll update soon on Domsten house.
As for last night I went to a party at Kym's house. Kym is Gustav's girlfriend and invited all us exchange students. So we went. Supposidly it got "out of control" but .. I guess these are by Swedish standards. HAHA and we saw pratically people getting down and dirty with it in the kitchen. That was an experience.. NOT.


Dance the Night away

My Pops and his girlfriend joined ballroom dancing. They went to their first lesson last night. Seems like things are going good for them! I thought it was super cool for them. So it's in my blog.

Norway Water

Last night I met with Hedvig and we took the bus at 21.38 to head down to meet with Maria at one of her friend's house. Hedvig had cut her heel somehow before she left the house so for the entire bus trip we just looked at all the blood gushing and what not. Then we got to the stop we had to go to, but Hedvig forgot how to get to Michelle's house. And Maria wasn't there yet. So Michelle came out to meet us and then while we were getting "soda" (chase) Maria met with us. We then went back to Michelle's. "Wodka" and Fanta Exoctic fruits was drink of choice. Hahah Hedvig lost feeling in her face, but all that means is more more more ! :D We then headed downtown at midnight because they wanted to go to Tivoli.. But well that didn't work out. So we went to Knutpunktin to decide what was to be done. Hedvig started feeling sick, she went outside.. And then got sick. So we decided it was time to go home. But she wanted to see the "boy" so we waited for the NEXT bus so she could see him. Haha She's so cute. I love Hedvig! Home at 2 am.



Started at Olympia on Monday and I am sooo much happier there! Way better than Tych without a doubt. The kids in my class are really friendly too. And of course Hedvig is there and she's fun no matter what. www.helsingborg.se/olympiaskolan Tomorrow I have four hours of math, followed by two hours of physics. That's going to suck. But only this week, then never again! Wörd


Köpenhamn shop!

And after the late night Friday (not so much for me, after Viktor left I went straight to bed) we woke up at 8 to go to the ferry at 9! We were off to Köpenhamn for the day. I adore Köpenhamn sooo so much! We drove along the rich part of Denmark that everyone wants to be on, the Gold Coast or something. It's really nice. We arrived in to Copenhagen at about 10.45 and decided we would go our seperate ways and then meet up at 13. I was going to stick with Ann and Anders but we got on the main street and I decided to go on my own. I was determined to find a black pencil skirt. The first shop I went in to, TopShop had it! Exactly what I was looking for. It's so beautiful. And was only 300 Dk KR! Woohoo. I also got a really cute top there also for another 300 Dk KR. Mollie, Jan, Anders, Ann and I then met up (after me waiting for about half hour to listen to this guy play the didgeridoo at our meeting spot - he was cool). We then went off to a traditional Danish restaurant. It was sooo good and so cozy. It'd been around since 1798 I think. We then still had 2 hours to shop but Anders and I went for coffee because we were pretty much done. Then we met up with Ann at one of the large department stores. I stayed with her because he went off somewhere. We (Anders, Ann and I) met up at Gant and then SHE left somewhere so I stayed with Anders. The ride back to Helsingör was fun! Mollie is really funny. There was a fire on the side of the road. Everything worked out awesome though and I was really happy with what I bought!

Crayfish 2

Friday night we had a crayfish party here at our house. I think the point of having it in winter was to be ironic. Normally they are in August or September because there used to be a law where you could only fish them in August or July. Now Swedes import them but the tradition still remains. There was about 16 people (adults) here and 10 kids. I hung out with Viktor who's about 11. We went to his family's house on New Years Eve. I was so tired that night but yeah, we played pool until about 12.30. Then his family went home... that's it for a while though. Until 1.30. I arranged the crayfish on the trays and everyone though I did a beautiful job; I guess if I ever suck at my job in the future I can fall back on crayfish arrangment.