olympiafesten was on tuesday! it was so insane! the school threw a huge party at a bar here in helsingborg. 18+ room for the "legal aged" drinkers. it went from 21 - 02!! kosmonout played again! oh how i love them. and nice pillow. but it was insane for a school event!! so massive. haha my kulture teacher anders was there pretty jolly dancing with everyone. it was so fun. except the coat check sucked. we were squished in line and my feet hurt so badly so hedvig stayed in line so i could sit down. it took her about half hour to get our jackets then turned out mine wasn't there! so i had to wait until 03 to ask if they still had it! luckily they did. overall an epic night :D


SteveDVS said...

Yo Chloe.. update bloggy?

Anonymous said...

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