Sunday Brunch

Most of the exchange students went to Dunkers Kulturhus on Sunday morning to look at an exhibit as well as have Sunday brunch. And I must say the food was soooooo good! Amazing. I ate so much. I want to go there again soon :) It was like $25 bucks a plate but worth it. I didn't have to pay either.


So I haven't written in close to ages. I'm just going to start at London because I'll forget some of the rest!
Friday: I'm woken up bright and early in the morning (as in 4 am after falling asleep at 1.30 am!) and grab on some close while finishing packing. Stumble up the staires and into the awaiting freezing cold car. That's my bed until we arrive at the Copenhagen airport close to 6 am. Our plane doesn't leave until 7.50 am but we still get through secuirity and everything nice and early. I'm finally able to eat something for breakfast, orange juice that so was not "fresh" and a huuuge croisant. I get on the plane next to some huge guy who doesn't seem to be very friendly (I'm assuming this is because he isn't sitting with his wife). Thankfully I got my iPod the day before so I'm able to pass out on the food tray for the next 2.5 hours. We arrive in London and I have to fill out a sheet since I'm not EU. Luckily it doesn't take long and we're off to town in a super cool cab! Driving on the wrong side of the road naturally. We get to the hotel and after a few seconds break we're off to Harrod's, a massive department store not far from our hotel! It's so huge (about 5 stories I think) and has a floor for absolutely everything imaginable. It was funny looking at all the bathtubs. So ridic some of them! We then took the Subway to the Eye. A huge massive Ferris Wheel built in 2000.
Really close to Big Ben as well! We go back to the hotel then off to Hard Rock Cafe for dinner before running through the pouring rain to watch the musical written by Queen "We Will Rock You". I can't believe I had forgotten how much I loved Queen! The London Underground was for sure one of my favourite parts!!
Saturday: Sleep in until about 9 am since the Fejne's were off to the synagogue for a celebration thing. I go back up and have my first bath since arriving in Europe!! It felt so nice but unfortunatly the jaccuzzi didn't work. At 12 pm I left for the Elizabeth Albert museum. It was right across the street. I looked at some exhibits from Asia and the Middle East then at a special exhibit about clothes in the 60s. I didn't pay to go in to any of the other ones. Then I was off to Gap to buy a shirt that cost me close to 65 bucks haha! Whoops.. Then I took the Subway all by myself to Piccadilly Circus to meet the family for lunch at this restaurant. Ulrika and I went shopping down Oxford street and another street that starts with a R and is super famous for shopping. It was really beautiful especially when it started getting dark and the Christmas lights came on! Back to the hotel then off to see " The Phantom of the Opera". Unfortunatly since we bought our tickets half price and late we had really horrible seats but it was still so amazing to see and I want to see it again! We were then off in the freezing freezing cold weather to a super fancy restaurant. It was really nice though and the host was so funny. We are then off to the hotel but we get sort of lost on the way because two lovebirds purposly gave us the wrong directions haha it was cute seeing them afterwards though. And we got to see the Kazahkstan embassy! BAHA Oh Anders.
Sunday: I was in a half dream like state when this huge buzzing noise rushes over me. I think it's weird to be in my dream considering it had nothing to do with the dream I was having. It kept getting louder and louder and suddenly a huge crashing noise is at my door. I look at Ulrika and she's now sitting bolt upright in her bed. I go to the door and look out of the peep hole to see Ann in a jacket. I think it's so ridic of her considering it's 2 am in the morning! She rushes in and screams, "IT'S THE FIRE ALARM! GRAB SOME STUFF LET'S GO!!". So we go lightening fast and about two minutes after we get outside the hotel it goes off. Turns out some dipweed made it go off in the floor above us. And turns out it's 6 am!! It felt so early. But after a few more hours of sleep we get up, have gross English breakfast and then go to TATE MODERN!!! It is so amazing and I want to go there again and again!! Then we took a cab back to another fancy restaurant. Harvey Nicole's or something. It was nice, super cute waiter. Ann loved him. Looked around to shop a bit. Then Anders and I headed home early. Soon the three of them were dressed and ready to go to their super fancy dinner party! They looked really nice :) I got to have a nice long bath, and watch Lord of the Rings.
Monday: Super early morning AGAIN. Back home by 11 am. So nice. Joanna the New Zealand exchange student was doing her Swedish presentation so I was able to get there in time!
I love London and want to go back again and again!


Today was the last time I saw Auntie Barb and Uncle Bryan. She started crying! Yikes. Had kladkaka again. So good. It's chocolate cake that is ridic. moist and rich. Heaven. Auntie Barb bought me mad amounts of stuff from the Body Shop!! Woot! And I knocked my nose on a couch outside of Mange's house. I don't even know how! Well I do know how. I just bent over without thinking.. I can't believe I forgot there was something there? It was dark granted. Oh well. Here's a picture. Now it looks like I had a zit and picked it. Fan.


Since everyone else is writing about it I guess I should too. Sunday night we had a semi- Gåsmiddag. It's to celebrate St. Martin's Eve. Some guy that was going to be killed but hid in a shed filled with geese. As the killers approached the geese started screaching or whatever they do and warned St. Martin to get the hell out. So in honour of these geese people in Skåne now eat them. But not many people eat geese since it's hard to find, expensive, and un-realistic. We had turkey. And most people eat blood soup. We didn't have that either. I'm pretty stoked on that though ha! We had other super ridic. good soup. My aunt and uncle came for dinner. And we had awesome äpplekaka! Apple cake. Yuuummy!



From Monday to Wednesday I was in Denmark with my Auntie Barb and my Uncle Bryan. We were staying in the area of Jutland. We travelled six hours from Helsingborg. Which to me is ridiculously close considering six hours would get you to Prince George back home. We travelled around a lot. I managed to do some shopping as well. I got Cheap Monday jeans! Well the day we got back to Sweden but still. So nice. On our last night there we went to a musical: The Buddy Holly Story. It was pretty good. The whole story of it was pretty bad, but the music was really excellent so it was worth it. I missed my friends so much in four measly days. And I ran out of cellphone minutes on Tuesday so for Wednesday and part of Thursday I had no ways of smsing Mange! Haha oh the horror!
We crossed the worlds second largest bridge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Belt_Bridge The first time I was sleeping and when my uncle tried waking me up I guess I replied , " It's okej, I've seen it on the internet." On the way home I was awake. It's actually pretty epic. 18 km long and in my opinion really beautiful. When they were trying to pick me up originally on Thursday the 2nd it was closed down due to wind and snow. It usually only happens once a year!
Now I'm back in Sweden. Yesterday since it was sunny finally Mange, Rikard, Mårten, Jacob and I drove out to Nimis. http://www.ladonia.net/nimis_arx/index.html It's way to cool for words. The pictures on this site doesn't do it justice. And the coolest part is, I met the man who created it!!!! Yesterday we saw someone walking down with some wood so I asked if it was the creator and everyone said probably not since randoms just add pieces of wood and stuff. We all went over and they started talking. When we were about to leave I got Mange to ask if it was him and it was!! So I got a picture with him. I'll get Jacob to send it to me soon.


oh mange.
dancing eyes of blue, perfect english, and swedish charm.
no wonder i should marry him bahahahaah


It snowed yesterday!! But it melted today. It's so cold here! Frigid! Auntie Barb and Uncle Bryan couldn't come pick me up yesterday because some bridge was closed. Poopy. So I think I only get to see them for three days!! Awh. Nothing else exhilirating. I broke a dish but I feel soooo bad. I have to find a replacement today!