Norway Water

Last night I met with Hedvig and we took the bus at 21.38 to head down to meet with Maria at one of her friend's house. Hedvig had cut her heel somehow before she left the house so for the entire bus trip we just looked at all the blood gushing and what not. Then we got to the stop we had to go to, but Hedvig forgot how to get to Michelle's house. And Maria wasn't there yet. So Michelle came out to meet us and then while we were getting "soda" (chase) Maria met with us. We then went back to Michelle's. "Wodka" and Fanta Exoctic fruits was drink of choice. Hahah Hedvig lost feeling in her face, but all that means is more more more ! :D We then headed downtown at midnight because they wanted to go to Tivoli.. But well that didn't work out. So we went to Knutpunktin to decide what was to be done. Hedvig started feeling sick, she went outside.. And then got sick. So we decided it was time to go home. But she wanted to see the "boy" so we waited for the NEXT bus so she could see him. Haha She's so cute. I love Hedvig! Home at 2 am.

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