so i haven't updated this in suuuch a long time. i've been at mange's a shitload. Rikard is here until Friday! He's a guy who was in Mange's class and he's in the army. He's fricken awesome. He hates speaking English but he understands everything I say. And he says my name so wicked awesome! I go to Denmark tomorrow with Auntie Barb. I don't totally want to. Rikard, Mange, Edde, and I went for a drive yesterday in Mange's convertable. Bloody freeezing. I wonder if Edde and my bikes are still at No Boundaries. It's been three days. Oh snap. It's grey and rainy. Not pretty. And I am sooo tired! Congrats to Steve's sister and Rory!! (They're getting marrrrrrried)


nothing to exciting. met mange as i was walking back from rotary so i ended up not going to school obviously. sigh, then we went to jeppe's. jacob makes awesome magnetic poetry canadian edition stuff. i'll take pictures tomorrow. we ate fish sticks. mange and i are to be married. hahahah Or so his mamma was kidding. Then I got home, made a funny joke with Stephanie and he got grossed out haha. The end!


So my goal of going to every class this week was crushed. I wake up at 7.15 but then go back to sleep and wake up again at 9.30! Damn. So I went to my lesson with my principal then had no motivation to go back to classes so I went to Mange's instead. We went downtown, met Abel and Filip. Came home, watched T.V. Then Stephanie came over, we ate food. then nothing really else.
IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY THIS MP3 TELL ME AND WE CAN DISCUSS PRICES. It's brand new from July and in excellent condition. It's just not compatible with my Macbook so I can't add music or anything.


Ha I just remembered an awesome thing that Edde said Friday night.
"I just feel like such a retard speaking English with a 20 year old and a Canadian!"
Oh Edde. Watched H-If fotboll today. They won. Henrik Larsson missed lots of shots but he has soo much pressure on him! I ate dinner at my Rotary councilor's house. It was nice. Her boyfriend and her made Thai food and I was allowed to invite Stephanie also. It was sooo good. Then we went and bought candy with Jacob and Edde. Then off to MANGES! I have to go to school alllll day tomorrow!
Tonight I went to some people's house who's son lives in Greenville. It was interesting haha. You could tell they were as hippish as a Swede possibly can be. Super good food though! I was stoked. Plus I bought the same sweater as yesterday, except in grey. Mange, Jacob, Stephanie and I went downtown. Traalaa Nothing special. Mange and Stephanie had kebab. I had no money. I must remember I owe Mange 60 kronar and Stephanie 150 kronar. There's some Victor kid that knows me somehow and has met both Stephanie and Rachelle and has talked about me? I can't remember if he was the kid with Gustav at No Boundaries on Friday. I guess I'll find out some other day.


Steve sent me that link and I am so addicted to that game now. Whenever I'm not out with friends, or downtown, I'm playing that. Even today in computer class I was playing it! I bought a najs sweater at Jeppe's. Then hung out with Mange again for ages. And lots of other people! Like Abeeeel, Eddeeee, Christoffffer, och MÅRTEN. We went to Maxi, visited Jacob, said Grattis to Christoffer for turning 18 (he's now at the bar) and went to a playground at Edde's school. I must say playgrounds suck here! Nothing like Veritas. I learnt how to say "I would love to make love to you" but I don't know how to spell it. I've gotten back into giving massages too! I didn't have Body butter though so Abel didn't get a wicked awesome one though. I don't think he cared. Bra Dag.


WENT TO EVERY CLASS TODAY! WERD! And saw Rachelle again! Woot. Went down to No Boundaries afterwards. Hung out there for ages, again, obviously. I got a pair of hiking boots! For free! They're real nice too. Then home for dinner, then off to watch Stephanie perform. Wonderful I must say. It meant I saw guitar boy. Siigh. Karter he reminds me of you, except with different hair, and a looooot shorter! My momma sent me a package too! In the centre is peanut butter! Oh I love min mamma!


I went to school today, just didn't go to class. Unfortunatly I saw some kids from my class. Oh snap did I ever get mad amounts of evil eyes. Oh well. I met up with Christoffer. We went down to Jesper's. Haha managed to get him to not go back to school. My goal for next week is to go to evvvvvery class! Jeppe thinks it can't be done. Oh it will. Met up with Victor. I took fun pictures. Jeppe got new ski stuff in!! WOOHOO!! Nothing other then that. I got my hair cut, but she always cuts my bangs to short. Except when Ann went in later to pay, the hairdresser said I spoke awesome Swedish. Oooyeah. And this is Christoffer humping Victor's leg. BAHA. Look at all the Head Helmets! Safety first.

Finally a picture of Jeppe! Dead and centre.


So I went to some school today! Woot. And I didn't have to go to economics because they had a test! So I watched South Park with Christoffer. Then for some reason at lunch I went home.. I didn't need to. So I ended up going to Mange's. Met Jacob (Ahl). Bahah! I made him fall off his bike onto me on my (Mange) longboard. Ohh damn. We went to No Boundaries. For ages, again! Jeppe has almost killed my plant, nej. The plant's died on it's own. All the same. It's still clinging to life! Edde was there! Oh Edde. Christoffer and I drew on Jeppe's new wicked awesome whiteboard. We made it pretty. Then Mårten, Mange, and I rented this super shitty movie. And then we watched Boondocks Saints. We walked the dogs fricken 3 times today! Not big walks though, more like to the corner and back baha!


So I walk into Swedish class today and everyone said hej. It was weird. Then I went to Mange's. Again. HAHA Considering I hadn't hung out with him or even really met him before Saturday, I've been to his house every day since. And then I came home at about 19.00. Then at 20.00 Jacob gets there and he wants to meet me. So I'm not sure if I'll be allowed out again. Turns out it would be , "perfectly fine!" if I do. So I head to Mange's AGAIN AGAIN. Haha oh sigh. He amuses me.
so yeah yeah. i didnt end up going to Arons farm because he was cleaaaaaning. He tells me it isnt a farm but how should I know as Ive never been there. So Stephanie comes over. Then at 5 I head to Manges to pick up a movie. Mårten is there and I just end up staying there. Then we meet Abel and his friend.. Filip at 19.30 and go longboarding. I sort of went longboarding. I just went around and got Mange to teach me stupid swedish sentences and it was fun. Ann was super nice and said I could come home at 11. Abel and Filip went home at around 21.30 so Mårten, Mange and I just went back to Manges and hung out. Tomorrow Im going to Manges and hes going to teach me swedish haha. I am getting serious about it now. Dagens ord (word of the day): knullkompis. Ask if you want to know what it is HAHA Mange har en knullkompis!


Kej So I'll start updating this regularly again now. Including tonight then!! So I got home from Spain yesterday. I was waiting on like the 2 floor for everyone, and I told them that's where I'll be. And the time slowly rolls to 14.20 and I was thinking, "Hmm we needed to leave five minutes ago." And suddenly Anders comes RUNNING down the staires shouting , "CHLOE THE TAXI IS WAITING." Heehee oops :) The plane ride was alright. The guy beside me sucked but there was this adorable little girl a few seats infront that was entertaining everyone behind her. Our luggage took forever to come! So I didn't get home until 10. Luckily Mange, Abel, and Edde still wanted to hang out. So I headed to Mange's house, and yes it is incredibly close! And Ikea looking! I gave them all their Skittles and Starbursts. Abel and Edde fell in love with them. Woot!! We watched some movies. People came over, people left. I went home at 1. And now I have to wake up Aron! Because I want to go to his house at 12 not 1. AND A BUTTON FROM MY JACKET CAME OFF! No wonder it was only like $70. Oh well it can be fixed for sure!


YESTERDAY I SAW A TORNADO ON THE WATER!!! IT WAS SO COOL! AND BIG!! Ohm that's about it. I finally learnt the tongue twister Ulrika has been trying to teach me! It's "7 seasick seamen take care of 7 beautiful nurses" but in Swedish obviously, otherwise it's not hard to say. We went for dinner with the first family I met in Sweden. Seriously that's as exciting as my life has gotten. Ha our bill for dinner (nine people) was 400 + Euros. And the waitress doesn't tell us until we're ready to pay that the Visa doesn't work!! Haha so this guy, Magnus, had to go take out fricken mad amounts of cash for a dinner. It was grand.


last night i ate tapa! haha woohoo! i don't think i've eaten that much meat in a looong long time. and today we went driving along the coast line on this hairpin turn highway. it was scenic. i can't wait to get back to helsingborg to hang out with kids my age. ARON'S FARM ON SUNDAY. bahaha even though he says it isn't a farm.. I'll have to take pictures.


so yeup. it's 14.40 and i'm inside, while in spain. i'm not sure why. but it's super hot outside. i think i'll go to the pool for a while though, until we go shopping.. oh yippie.. hahaha i walked around town today for a bit, a good solid 20 minutes i think. i've gotten darker! i'm so stoked! i'm so surprised and weirded out sort of. i'm like longing to be in helsingborg. i have no clue why. i just want to get there a.sap and hang out with kids and have fun! i love spain yes, but it's like when i'd be in p.g. and not terrace and i was longing for terrace. only this time i want to be in helsingborg.
i fricken adore aron hahah funniest kid ever. "we should hook up at this party next week" ".. what are you talking about?" "we should hook up. i could probably meet you on the bus" "hook up? seriously what are you talking about" "doesn't hook up mean to hang out?" "well it can but most of the time we use it as in.. iunno getting with someone" "OOOH MY GOD I DID NOT MEAN THAT" hahahaha funniest kid I swear.


so traalala i'm in spain. it's beautiful, and hot, and awesome. i got a sun burn yesterday. so today i'm so iffy about going in to the sun. i want to so badly though! i think i will in like 20 minutes. we went driving today in a jeep which reminded me of steve. the place i'm staying at is really nice, it's got unbelievable breaky buffet haha werd. driving was awesome, went through windy, steep towns again like with pops. i will live in europe. i'll ask if i can do grade 12 by correspondence too baha. kej don't really have much else to say i don't think. other then this is bloody well awesome!


so today was basically wicked awesome. i wish i had my camera. go to school, blahblah nothing exciting, read onboard. then go downtown and buy my jacket! i luuurve it! then rachelle comes (20 minutes late because she forgot her cell on the bus or something) so then we have to take a bus out the middle of no where bus station where all the buses can be found. so we go thurr, takes like 5 minutes to get the cell and luckily there was a bus coming in 12 minutes (not the 1 hour it was supposed to). then back to town, on another bus for 30 minutes with stinky guys, then to väla and ikea. we were so stoked on ikea food, it wasn't worth it though. well the ice cream was. haha we didn't even buy anything from ikea. so back into town. then she went off for the night. and abel called. abel is wicked shit. he's another hungarian && reminds me so much of you guys back home. we were going for coffee (with EDDE too! another swede who's fun!) and turns out the place didn't take visa so i didn't have coffee. then aron called about the concert and i had nooo clue what he was saying so abel translated it all for me. so blahblahblah abel, edde and i make our way to knutpunktin while on the way abel asked me if i was 19. he fricken thought i was 19?? oh em gee. we go get money out with a lot of help from abel then just wait around at knutpunktin 'cause turns out aron & co. aren't supposd to be leaving school! but they do anyways. and i hung out with a kid from my class tonight?!?! i NEVER thougt i'd be doing that. Erik. He speaks really good english which I didn't know either. (His sister lives in L.A.) So we got onto a ferry, to Denmark.. something to do with drinking age and bars on the ferry? I didn't drink either way so I was just along for the ride. Then to Tivoli. EFFF!! ONE THE BEST CONCERTS EVER! It was raggae/hiphop/mind blowing music! BAHAHA then Aron and Ludvig and .. his younger brother who is so funny and his name starts with a V and is an old swedish name but I forget it. It sounds like Voldermort. Anyways yeah. HAHA they started walking me home but then they got a phone call that the doors were getting locked for good so they left and I biked home. Anders was wicked cool too. I called at 23.30 just to check up and make sure I was still allowed to be out and stuff and he's just like ,"Yeup, don't worry be happy." I think he was mondo stoked I was going out with so many kids baha! I can't wait for Spain, even though it's at 8.45 I LEAVE! And I'm not packed. But whatever haha. And then get back from Spain to hang out with Abel and Aron and fun people and yay! I lurve Sweden!


this is kebab. this is mine, stephanie's and rachelle's plates after we finished eating. guess who's whos!
so today i went shopping for 4 hours or something. and i actually tried stuff on. haha i can't believe i did that. i went with rachelle so that may be why. i found this wicked awesome jacket at h&m i'm buying tomorrow. and i think she's bringing back this dress that i adore. so i'm going to try it on then buy it if i like it. it looks super nice on her. plus she'll just borrow it whenever she wants from me. we're pratically the same person. i cried in front of anders!! he asked me how school was going.. and well i hate it. and i just started crying! i felt so stupid but he was really nice about it. kudos to this family for sure! i love them. tomorrow rachelle and i are going shopping, again. it's her burfday soon! i'm missing it though because of spain. i'm kind of sad. but! after her birthday i get to get into all the bars! (thank god for id! and looking the exact same) ohm OH and frig. So Zsolt told me his classmates have asked who I was, but don't seem to be interested in talking to me. So suuure this may not be a problem for Zsolt but my god hhhaah I am saddened. Oh well whatever. Raggae concert tomorrow with Aron. WERD


i'm not using my computer so i can't upload any pics of kebab unfortunately. stephanie and i went to no boundaries today. and i fricken saw so many people! christopher who was the first kid i met who longboarded from tych. i figured he had stopped going to tych since i never saw him but he does i guess. haha he's fricken BAHA i think we both thought we were completely different. although he's really super cool. that's what not being in the same class does to you. completely different scheduals. Then Victor came. Hadn't seen him in like 2 weeks. I ended up going to some place called Chili Wok with him later. I'm so pumped to go back there later in the month and get Chinese food in TAKE OUT BOXES. I've never had that before! Then Mange came in. He came in and was like, "Hej Chloë." and me not wanting to be rude just started talking to him for a while. Then I realized I didn't know who it was. At first I thought it was Abel but then after 10 seconds realized Abel doesn't look like that. So after my intense conversation with Mange not knowing it was Mange I asked Jesper who it was while Mange was busy talking with Victor och Christopher. "Yeah Chloë. That's the guy who's board you have." "OH riiiight" Another 10 km run today. Sigh I'm on FIRE. And I guess either October or November 28 Jesper is having a party at some bar to celebrate ski season and what not. I'd imagine sort of what Ruins Keggers are? I'm so stoked for that! HAHA WOOHOO. The guys I've met so far are wicked awesome. Victor has an intensly beautiful camera.


so yeah. still nothing exciting today. i was invited to denmark on friday night. i'm soo scared to ask for permission though. i have to leave 9 am saturday for spain. hmm.. i'd get home at like 5 am. ARG i don't know what to do! That's about as exciting as today got. OH I ran 10 km in 45 minutes. I was pumped.
The internet has been down lately. And I realized blogger is way cooler if you don't have safari? Arg. Not much happened yesterday though.. There was a HUGE thunderstorm on Sunday night. Sounded like bombs going off. Went to Rotary lunch yesterday, and again today. They´'re fricken good. And Ella came for dinner last night. Baha I love Ella!!


so nothing to eventful happened today. actually basically nothing eventful at all. BUT I TAUGHT ULRIKA HOW TO LONGBOARD! She caught on so fast. And she was ripping it up and down the street for a while. And then she fell. Nothing to bad though. A scrapped up leg. She was begging her dad for one though. Haha and Anders (her dad) tried it too! Man I love this!
and a very very HAPPY BURFDAY goes out to lindsee who is now 15

bedroom pictures!
woke up at 7 am today and tried calling Nad at hockey buuut she was busy having fun. I went for a three hour long walk today. It was really nice. Sigh I love it here. I think I'll do it again tomorrow. Tonight we had dinner at Stephanie's house and we figured out our host families for the rest of the year! So starting in January I'm living out in Domsten at Rachelle's host family. It'll be super interesting.. They have a 20 year old son, and Isabella who's in Cali right now is 18.. So I'll be QUITE young. But the dad is an amazing chef I hear, and the mom seems really sweet. Only thing is I think I have to clean the house, a lot. And it's in the middle of no where, so I'm going to be bus riding galore! I must figure out about bus passes. That's about all. Watched H-iF again. Looove it! Here's a picture of my house, from the outside.