so nothing OVERLY exciting happened today. but here's a recap. wake up. get to school for 10.10 and I actually do NOTHING. Like didn't draw, didn't sleep, didn't do anything. It was weird. Then computers where the teacher is insane but no websites are blocked so I can go on MSN and stuff. I meet Zsolt at 12.30 and he spoke more english today!! Yahoo good job kiddo! I think I talk a lot though so he never has a chance to say anything. then I went home and ate this delisiously gross lunch. Then off to downtown to meet Stephanie. There's this shop here, No Boundaries. It's a wicked cool board shop. The guy who owns it is named Jesper. He digs Canada, a lot. After No Boundaries takes off in business he plans on moving to Banff area. Or so he has informed me. He's lived in Banff for like three winters recently and digs it a lot. He sells longboards, kiteboards, skis.. you know the regular stuff. He's soo funny. I told him I was going to buy a plant and well I did. So I brought that to him. (I couldn't find my charger for my batteries so I couldn't take a picture so I bought some more rechargable batteries so I'll go in sometime this week and take pictures) Then bought supplies for Snickerskaka. Yes I made more snickerskaka. There was need for celebration though. Because tonight Rachelle's French lover came!! And their friend Erik from Vänersborg. So tonight I hung out with them plus Örs. HAHAHA Damn Quentin is halarious hahaha. Oh sigh. That's about all for today. I think I may sleep in to about nine tomorrow, then go for a run. YES sleeping in until 9!!!


so i hung out with stephanie today after school. that's about all i have to say for today. BUT i got an e-mail from a girl in Rupert who wants to go to Sweden on exchange next year so that got me even more pumped to be here. Today I realized that June is reaaaally far time away. I got nervous but syked at the same time. Since it's near the end of the month, I'm going to do this thing that Julie did on her blog that I thought was neat. www.juliewishau.blogspot.com is her blog if you're totally interested in the life of Swedish exchange students.
Highlight of September: The Rotary kids Reunion weekend. Rachelle and I made fricken awesome bananas and chocolate that we had been looking forward to all of September and it really paid off. Plus I stayed up really super late && drank sooo much coffee! I met Ryota who is from Japan and taught him the little amount of swedish that I know with Örs.
Challenge of September: School. I forget if it was in August or September but I just broke down because I hated school so much. My class took a really long time to warm up to me, and it's still not that much fun. I've met other kids at school that are really cool but my class is bunk. The girls are beginning to talk to me a lot more now though. I can't decide if I should switch classes or not though! && that's a huge decision in my opinion!!
Looking Forward Too: Well besides meeting Rachelle's french lover tomorrow... I'm really stoked for Spain. I get to go again in the beginning of October with my host family.
Sweden is Wicked Awesome Cool Because: The kids that are really super outgoing totally make up for the kids that aren't. I've met so many awesome kids so far!! Like ARON!! And Zsolt even though you're super quiet in person!!! [I know he's going to be reading this]. Örs is amazing. and I mean Mange. I haven't even met the kid and he lends me his longboard?!
I Miss Canada because: of the mountains!! I would notice it even if I went to Edmonton just for like a week but being away from them for this long is intense! And how we really do say, "Eh" as much as people think we do.
Favourite Food: Right now I can't decide between Risifrutti and Kebab! Risifrutti is like rice pudding. It comes in a container like yoghurt and has jam that you can mix with it. It's my ultimate favourite right now! Kebab is just damn amazing coming from a former vegan. OH AND SNICKERSKAKA!!! It's this.. cake stuff that is just sooo good!! It's like a bar. It has peanut butter and Rice Crispies and chocolate and goooood! Rachelle and I adore it
Interesting word: Not super interesting but Kiss means Pee in swedish. HAHA you should've heard Aron explain it to me. "Well kiss means urine here" "I can't beleive you just said urine" "What else is there to say?" "Piss, Pee, Whiz.."
Lesson Learned: To stay determined. Kayaking and rock climbing I had to be super determined for both. Learning Swedish is going to be the exact same thing going on!


HAHA oh yeah. aron is this fricken halarious swedish kid I've met. He is so unbelievably funny.
There's this school here, Nic. It's the artsy/music school. And yes, there is a LOT of emo kids. aron && i like to joke.

aron says:
nic ?
no clue. stephanie said she saw you today and i was like, "aron.. at emo school.. you were mistaken"
aron says:
haha !
aron says:
i was there
aron says:
i'm emo, but don't tell anybody
aron says:
brb *cutting wrists*
so today at 9.40 i was to meet zsolt so he could put his longboard in my locker, but i am late leaving since i'm talking to karter iChat style (happy 18th werd!!!). so i go outside and realize i left my bike outdoors so it's wet (it's raining hcore). so i take ann's bike and book it to school. once I get there i realize, damn i don't have a lock. so i try to figure out the tire lock thing that europe bikes have but i couldn't... so i go in find zsolt, turns out he didn't bring his longboard because of the rain. derp. so i ask him to help me with the lock , but he can't. so i'm in a dilema.. this is a bike that is about $900 [don't ask me how]. tycho brahe is known to be the horrible school so i for sure don't want it stolen. so i go in and ask someone in my class to help me. he can't do it either. so i wait for håkan my teacher. i end up going home to pick up a lock. i get back and still have like 45 minutes of history.. but i forget which classroom! so i didnt go to history. ha and school ended at 12.30 for me. So i get home and i start talking to Örs. He comes and I hope on the back of his moped and we go driving and looking at bicycles for about 2 hours! MOPEDS ROCK IN SWEDEN! and we ate kebab!! i cant tell if it was better kebab than bomb, so stephanie is coming to help me decide this weekend. today was an eventful day of fun. tomorrow 8 am.. UGH lame.


didn't go to school today
i went and ate kebab with joanna && stephanie
daaamn kebab is sooo good, coming from an ex-vegan!
turns out i can't play games with statenna (the club i was playing soccer with)
because i'm not from the e.u.?!
but that's alright
now i just won't feel guilty about missing practise to go rock climb!


rock climbing today
i love it still
the teacher guy said i did awesome
so i'm going to keep going back
but i'm faaar to tired to be doing anything, 23.47
don't think i'll go to math.


so basically this picture is attempting to show off my killer sunburn from two days of sea kayaking
i don't think it worked out though haha
today the water wasn't as choppy, but i had a more unstable kayak
i like it more but i was getting so frusterated
i mastered self and buddy rescue
i hope to keep doing kayaking!
it's loads of fun!
i'm going to bed && it's like 20.10
tomorrow i meet zsolt!
this will be fun!


kayaking was a blast
it was windy so super tricky
but it's best to learn in the worst conditions :)
my arms are so tired but i'm pumped on doing it for 6 hours tomorrow too!
at first i got really frusterated
because he just like.. pushed us out to sea and i was all alone && i totally sucked
but then i rocked it haha
or rocked it in my own world
i nearly started crying i was so sad/frusterated
thank god for determination
i'm so jealous karter is possibly buying that kayak.


ahh i absolutely love sweden. i so badly wish each and every one of you guys back home could come and experience this. not even sweden just another country! but i hope you guys could come and see sweden too! i would love to live here forever! ever since coming here i've been so happy! and it's so weird. back home i'd be happy but not THIS happy. it's like this summer had been my best summer ever. i think it was because i just.. i went for it! ahh i love life right now! OH MY GOD and the boy i'm in love with at school talked to me today. if you want details just ask me because if i keep in contact with him all year and then in like may he decides to read this he'd be like ,"dubtee-eff" HAHa point is today was a beyond excellent day! kids here are beginning to interact with me also. i mean it's a toss up. some kids here are super easy going and really willing to speak english right away. but others (such as how my class was) took a LOOONG time to warm up. but i'm not sure! i'm just so happy. and longboarding is fricken sooo scary here! HAHA europeans drive like there's no one else on the road && like they're invincible haha it's like a whole bunch of teenagers! kayaking in like.. 10 hours! I'll post how that goes tomorrow!


so i had soccer tonight. the coach was getting really mad at the end of practise but it was fun since i didn't understand a word of it haha. there's this boy i love at school haha. grr. shy boys here.
i was just talking to aron about grease. and he said he hated it because his best friend used to make him watch it all the time. and that got me sad because i thought of erik and how we would just sit and watch movies. i miss erik so much right now. and that led me to miss steve. which then led me to miss adam. and then graeme-marlee-nadia-tessa/jaime/jamie/kelsey dubew. AHHH!! haha i don't miss home but i sure as hell miss my friends right about now!!!


here are a FEW pictures from the weekend. i'll post the other ones on photobucket. i've been late for school for the past two days bahaha! but today i woke up on time. although i have no clean underwear.. hmm dilema. i get a free longboard in like 5 hours! and we're doing this.. enviromental challenge thing today at school for the first years. about kyoto or something? i have NO idea!


so aron was vegan! neat!! and i talked to my principle today about switching classes and i should be moved by next week yahoo! and i went rock climbing today indoors and it was absolutely amazing! i can't wait to keep going and what not and then come back home to tbc and climb with karter etc! it's so late and i'm so tired but i just can't go to sleep. i have a cough and it's really really effecting me i think. AH i'll post pics of this weekend/tonight once i get them. i forget if i already wrote buttttt i get a free longboard!! YAHOOOOO
and iunno why but i felt like informing you guys. mathias found stephanie's cell (thank god) && adam called!!! i miss him to death.

so this is örs. he went to brazil last year and got back in .. iunno june i think. he's super awesome. lots of fun haha so funny. plus he's so like.. ah whatever he says just makes you think so much. point is he got his hair cut and i think it's super dooper neato. i went for a camp out with rotary on 9/16-9/17 but i don't feel like putting pictures up QUITE yet. i start rock climbing (indoors) with him tomorrow!


HAHa so first swedish party tonight, made a fool of myself! haha wow i understand now why drinking is one of the four d's! oh well. i can't tell if i want to keep doing it or not.. i'm thinking not! i'm just a lot more comfortable back home drinking. but it was sweet because once people started getting drunk they started speaking english. and amazingly it was better english than what i was speaking!! oh well. it was super sweet. a mondo bummer part was i lost stephanies cell phone (the usa exchange student in helsingborg.. i was trying to call nadia!!!) kay well yeah.. hopefully mathias finds it.. if not oh well! it was a wicked cool night in my opinion, i probably made canada look like dubtee-eff.. but all the same i met some kick ass.. at least drunk people! and.. yikes i owe steph like.. $150!


so not much so far today since it's 9.30AM but i thought this was funny from a swedish thing like myspace. read what it says ... "sign me up scotty!"


So not a lot of news today. Watched Stephanie perform. She goes to the art/music/wicked awesome school. And there's this holla hottie I'm SECRETLY in love with. And he has a drummer friend. And I had terets or something because we saw him biking home and I suddenly yelled out, "DRUMMER BOY" haha Damn I'm dumb sigh oh well!! But yeah. I have the option to switch classes now!! I'm going to get through September and then see. I just don't want to leave Håkan, my home room teacher. he fricken rocks!! I miss Steve Simons


haha so i don't know why but today i felt like telling you bike crash stories. so this is tom. he's from colorado. haha we laugh about the same stuff so that's fun. well when we were on ven with rotary. i don't even know why but for some reason i just kept biking and i biked right into him. but it wasn't even like a hard hit or anything and i stopped then all of a sudden i started falling over hahah so fell over and then he fell off his bike too.

and this is rachelle, the other canadian. she had never riden a swedish bike before (yes they are different) and we were going down the road in malmö and all of a sudden i hear this HUGE crashing noise and look behind me and rachelle had ran into a FENCE hahaha and some guy came out and started looking around and talking and she's just like , "i don't speak swedish" and so he went back inside. it was interesting.


iChats are the fricken bomb! Karter's amazing with Macs and somehow he's able to tell me all of these cool things even though he's on the Pacific and I'm looking at the Atlantic. If anyone has Macs/iChat tell me!
I had soccer training tonight. I'm playing with a club called Stattena. They have like impecible records and I have no clue how they just let me join. The girls are really nice and totally understanding that I've got the whole lack of Swedish thing happening.
H-If played tonight. That's a local soccer team. Sort of like Prince George Cougars. Except H-If is men. Henrik Larsson plays on H-If. I've been to two games already, but tonight I was training. Right outside the stadium though! Man European fotboll is intense!! A whole bunch of drunk rowdy ready to fight fans! It's so fun! I recommend you watch Green Street Hooligans if you're into that stuff. I'm a five minute bike ride from Olympia && I can still hear all the chanting. The polis rent out a helicopter, people in riot vans, + guys on horses. So fun! I get to go watch next Wednesday.


so nothing to exciting happened today. but! last week in swedish class i had to take a swedish comprehension test. sort of like gates maginety. everyone takes it. and my swedish/ history teacher is really cool. (he's what i imagine erik to be like as a history teacher) && he told everyone last week that their only goal should be to beat me. well today we found out our results. and obviously he was going to announce mine in front of the class. "so you know how i said i would give you an apple if you beat anyone." "i don't get an apple do i?" "well as a matter of fact.. you should be getting 7!!!" i had beaten seven kids!! like sure that still puts me 19/26 or something. but of having only a month practise of very basic stuff i was so stoked. i mean these essay things we had to read were like grade 12 level. haha ahh! so happy news of the day. still sick though. poo


so yup. iunno you don't get to see much but this is one angle from the way to copenhagen. it takes 30 minutes by ferry. 30 minutes!! that's like a bit longer out to the lake. it's so intense how close together things are here. i'm sick. yippie. and half way done english 11 YAHOO!!