So Anders birthday was yesterday. 49! Ella and "our" family went to Pålsjö for lunch. I walked back in to town and met Edde for a bit. Then went home. Then Jacob knocked on my window and scared me to death. We went to Mange's for a bit, then I came home because it was dinner time. What I didn't realize was it was dinner for 11 people. The food was really nice.
I have decided one thing though. Swedes do NOT need sleep. These guys run off of no sleep. I went to bed at 12, couldn't fall asleep though (I probably eventually did around 4). No one left until around 1.30. Then they cleaned until 2.30 I think from the sounds of things. And Jake called me at 3.20! And on Geeloo Mange left a message at 5.40... Seriously people do not need sleep. Since Ann and Anders were both up before me today by an hour or so!


söt klänning

Rachelle came over today, then she went and got her hair dyed AGAIN. I haven't dyed mine in two years I think! Woot proud of myself. Then we went downtown and started looking in shops. I found a dress I wanted to try on, and then decided to buy it for New Years. I adore it. But no pictures until NEW YEARS. I'm wearing it with my gold shoes. Oolala!
Then Jacob Ahl came and picked me up from N.B. in his braaand new Volvo. Well new to him. It's a '89. So cool though. Then he came for tea. Then he left. We (Ann, Ulrika, and I) went and got a movie - Friends with Money. Dark comedy but I sort of liked it. Had not the best plot line though.. nothing totally happened. Anyways. Yeah I watched that tonight. Tadaa!

Late Torta

It was Cecilia's birthday (I think 12th) yesterday. (This photo is from Christmas). They live out in Skäret so we went out there for dinner. First we stopped by Winni's because she had gotten someone to fix flooring and the bathroom or something and she wanted to show it off. Then we went to Mats, Anki, Johanna, and Cecilia's house. It's really really beautiful. I adore it. Total Ikea in my opinion, or most of it. We had another Julbord. This was more traditional in the fact it had ham and stuff, but all the same so good! And the torta. Birthday cake in other words! Really nice, but so sweet.
Today I had a lazy day. Woke up with a headache. Went to NB for a while and hung out with Edde. Jeppe adores him I just realized. I saw a picture of his new board and it looks epic! My hair for some reason was really nice, natural nice. It made me happy. I drank four cups of tea in under an hour. Impressive I must say.



Yesterday was a nice lazy day. I sat inside all day. I was hoping for a walk but it did not look inviting at all so I decided against it. Then I started preparing dinner at 15.00. Ann's twin sister and family and older sister plus son Jesper came for dinner! It was nice. Turkey. I didn't eat very much, obviously I was saving room for cookies after! The sisters all look the same which is cute. I got more presents! This is getting so ridic! From Tomten I got this movie called Snapphanar which is new to Sweden. It just aired on the TV yesterday. I liked it actually even though I have no clue how historically accurate it is. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0820010/ And I got Tommy girl perfume! Which is sweet because I was planning on buying that or Clinque Be Happy! Woohoo. And I got this really cute man that was "Made in Sweden" so that I'm keeping. I think Ingrid (Ann's older sister) thought I was being sarcastic when I said I liked it but it's really cute!



Christmas is amazing here!
I woke up to a stocking on my doorknob. It had a chocolate bar, orange, socks (no joke I was stoked), and a cd from the Queen musical we went to in London. That was a wonderful start (08.30). Then upstairs I went to meet Ann and Anders. We had a really nice breakfast together and I was taught more and more about Swedish history, especially during the war. Ulrika always stays at Anders sister's house, Winni, every Christmas Eve (so 23/12 here) so she wasn't there in the morning.
Ann and Anders went off for a walk and then we left for Ella's house at 12.15. We got there and soon after Mats, Johanna, Cecilia, Anki, and Anki's father arrived. The whole family. I felt kind of awkward just because it wasn't my family but it was beautiful and everyone seemed super happy. We drank Julmust (we the kids) and then sat down for Julbord. There was so much food! And schnapps. First course was lots of fish (herring and smoked eel - which is really good). Second course was more fish and salads! Then meat (Swedish meatballs of course) and potatoes. Then the main course finally of fish. I didn't have the main course because me and the other girls went and watched the annual 15.00 Walt Disney special! It was really cute and made me think of The Grinch. That ended at 16.00 and we went and ate porridge for desert. It was like rice pudding but creamier and had more liquid. Really good. They put an almond in it and who ever gets that is supposed to be married next. Mats got it. We then went and opened presents! It was wonderful. Everyone was really sincere. I felt horrible because I didn't get Ella, Winni, or Mats' family anything but I will most definatly write cards! Ella gave me a beautiful sweater and an amber necklace she had. I got a CD from Winni and from Mats' family I got a really nice cosmetic bag that is beautiful and big. They called Fredrik via. conference phone so everyone was able to say God Jul to him.
We then were off for home. We had about a twenty minute break then we began to open presents here. I was so spoilt!! I was given a ceramic straightner, really beautiful mug from Mölle, micro-fleece hoodie, and another amber (bärnsten) necklace from the family! Plus Ulrika bought me Body Butter!! So yummy. Jon and Mollie gave me a really cute viking boat candle holder. The relatives back home also sent me lots of cute things. I got Jell-o from Auntie Barb! 1000 Danish kr from Uncle Dave family. Granny Curtis sent 400 Danish kr also! My Ipod Nano from Pops and 400 Can. from Momma! Grandma Baines sent loads of Crabtree and Evelyn. I wonder if she realizes I've never used a single thing she's sent. I keep it all because I love it that much!! I was so spoilt this Christmas. But I felt as if every gift had come from the heart and I would've been happy with nothing. The Swedish Christmas experience, with the Fejne's, was beautiful.
We had lobster for dinner. Canadian East cost lobster! It tasted amazing. We had a few minutes break then were off to Jon and Mollie. I watched a bit of a famous Swedish comedy, Snowbreak or something. Then Jon, Mollie, Anders, Ann, and I began walking down to the St. Maria Church in downtown Helsingborg. It's really old. It was jammed packed and since we got there late we got bad seats, but the singing was amazing either way! AND I SAW MAJA, LEAD SINGER OF THE SOUNDS THERE!!! She stood within 5 metres of me!!! Gah, I was boggled. It was amazing.
Overall Christmas was amazing. Very, very cozy. I won't ever be able to repay everyone for the feelings I was given.



On Thursday once I got back from downtown with Rachelle, Ella (Farmor) and Ulrika were making pepparkaka (gingerbread). I helped for a little bit, not doing anything special, but I wasn't feeling well so I laid down in my bed for most of the time. They all turned out really nice and the hus is so huge!
Yesterday I went out to Domsten to my future host family house. Future as in just about three weeks! Time has gone by so fast. The bus ride isn't as far as I thought it was, and it'll be nice to look out the window if it isn't raining. I met with Rachelle then a member of her Rotary club asked us if we'd like to go for a walk to the castle so Rachelle agreed and I tagged along. We brought the dog and it goes insane during walks! The walk was really beautiful though, along the ocean. I hope they don't have a late winter here like everyone is telling me they will because I would love to be able to go for walks everyday! We then drank maple coffee from Rachelle's mom and had fika with Jon and Crystal (my next host parents). They're both really cool. It'll be really different living there compared to here at the Fejne's. I'm excited though. A beautiful house no doubt.
I then came home and Adam called! We talked for about forty minutes and it was really really nice. I miss him tons.
Then I checked my e-mail before dinner. I hadn't gone in to Olympia for a few weeks because I thought my principle at Tych was going to handle everything but the last day of school I went in to talk to him and he's like ,"Yeah so you better start getting in contact with Olympia. I have nothing to do with that anymore." So I thought, "Oh great I won't be going to school when it's supposed to start!" I e-mailed the principle at Olympia I was in contact with on Friday morning not expecting a response. But I checked it and there was one. I'M IN THE CLASS I WANTED TO BE IN!!! I can not wait!! Besides the fact that most of my classes start at 08.45 every morning which sucks ass, it's going to be amazing!! I can't wait. Ah Hedvig's class :D I was super happy. Then I met Jake and we were happy together. Then we went to Mange's but he was stressing about a computer so we both left early. BUT I'M STILL SO HAPPY.



i miss snow. jag saknar snö.

so today was decorate christmas tree day. Anders and I brought it in, Ulrika took one look and her eyes began to swell with tears! It wasn't big enough for her! This bloody tree is about 10 feet tall and it's the smallest one they've ever had! Ha I kept laughing all night while we were decorating it because she didn't come down until half way through and she was pratically crying. I felt bad, I mean change always sucks. But I was laughing because it reminded me of myself when I was that age and crying at everything.



So today I was super dooper happy. Not sure why. I woke up and talked to Per for about an hour which I hadn't done in a long time, so that was nice. Then I left for the library, and spent a while there.
I then left for Jeppe's because I was going to stop by before I went to Rotary. Abel and Christoffer both called earlier in the day, and turns out they were both at NB with Mange! So I spent some time there. Then went to Rotary for our Julbord. I can't believe how much sil Swedes can eat! It must be ridic in Norway! But it was nice, the Christmas food and all.
I then called back Abel but he didn't pick up. Then I talked to Mange but they were out at Camilla (where Mårten works). So I was dissapointed because I thought I wouldn't see Abel again and I began the walk home to drop off my things.
On the way home Jacob Ahl called. I hadn't seen him in a while. He asked if I was at school (his new apartment is near school) and I replied that I was by the video store. So he was going to see Mange (even though I told him Mange wasn't home?) but he came and met me then we went to my house for a bit. Then I called Abel and he called Mange and they were together! So we headed downtown for fika.
Now this is where my day starts getting excellent. Besides the fact that we didn't go to Mezo, and that Mårten wasn't there I was so happy! Jacob and Eric Ahl, Mange, Edde, Abel, Filip, Christoffer, Rachelle, Stephanie and I! It was so nice. I was happy Rachelle came :) And since you're going to read this, yes I was happy. I also met Hedvig and Maria on the street! We only talked for a few minutes, but it was still really nice.
Then we went to Mange's house. Well Christoffer, Eric, Jacob, and I all went up. Christoffer and Eric left early. But Jacob and I had dinner there. It was Mange's mom's (Ann Louise) birthday today. So Peter (Mange's brother) came over with the two people that were working with him. It was fun. He played Wii and I guess he loves the "Hej Monika" song as much as I do! So Mange played that song for us. I love how happy Peter is. It makes me happy. So I am happy still.

This song was a one hit wonder. The guy who sings it was in a parallel class to Johan (Mange's other brother). Johan said he was a bit crazy. The movie was filmed in Helsingborg, so Jacob or Maria will take me to find the place! I'll take mad amounts of pictures and make sure I'm listening to the song!





Last night Julie (www.juliewishau.blogspot.com) invited us all to her house in Malmö for a cookie exchange. So Jo, Rachelle, Stephanie and I got on the train at 13.27 to Malmö. It was rainy and cold and grey in Malmö but we spent about 2 hours on the town looking in shops. Luckily Julie and her host family were kind enough to let us come early! (17ish) I have to pay Rachelle back for this really cute jumper dress thing I got from H&M. As soon as we got to Julie's the sugar intake began. We started off nimbling on our own cookies and then drank loads of coffee or tea. At 19 the guests arrived bringing an array of cookies. For the better part of two hours around 20 girls all sat and drank glögg and chatted. It was very cosy. Julie's brother had just arrived yesterday from Chicago so it was nice meeting him. He was the only boy until 20.30ish when Tom and Ryota showed up.
We left at 21.21 because some other girls were taking the bus down to the main station also. We got to the screen with a list of rides and we could not find a single one with Helsingborg! We all panicked because we were afraid we'd be stuck in Malmö for the night!! Luckily we waited a few minutes and turns out the screen was just full. We had to wait for an hour though before we could get on the train! But we sat inside the terminal so it wasn't freezing cold. Four girls high on sugar is not good though. Rachelle danced for 15 minutes in her own world, Jo and Stephanie were having a field day with a Burger King toy, and I just sat through it all knitting. Oh dear. It was ironic though because Tom and Ryota even though they left probably at 21.45 got on the same train as us! Overall it was a nice day. I met some of Julie's friends and got out of Helsingborg for a day.
I made Nanaimo bars (that didn't taste like home but people adored them) and classic Snickerskaka.



Last night we went to Jon and Mollie's because every year for the past 15 or something their family and the Fejne's have had a traditional Christmas candy making night. We made knäck, almond cookies, and marzapan stuff. I felt so sick the entire night though and at 20.30 i fell asleep on the couch! I didn't wake up until 22.30. I felt embarassed but they knew I wasn't feeling well and Jon and Mollie are super nice so it was alright. Knäck is soo nice. Sugar, syrup, cream and almonds. Yum. I'm going to have to make sure I don't eat mad amounts of this stuff!
Carolin is their daughter (Jon has two other kids which are 23 and 25 I think from another marrige - he was the one married to the woman who ran off to be with the Nimis guy!)


korv med bröd

Last night (well at 16.00) Stephanie, Joanna, and I headed out to Fredriksdahl because there was a Christmas market happening. Fredriksdahl is like a park and heritage area. It was really cute, all light up with candles and what not. Candy and hot dogs filled my tummy, that's it. And this really good äppleglögg that I wish I had bought... with Stephanie's money.



So Steph, Christoffer, and I hopped on a train at 17.27 to head out to Glumslöv for a get together for Abel's birthday plus to hear his new demo for Kosmonout! He has a super super cute house. Kim and him met us at the train station. Then after Kim left, Jake came. A little while later Mange and Edde were out in Glumslöv too. A few of Abel's friends came too, but I'm not positive on who they were. Well one is Oskar who is in Kosmonout also. And the other was one of Victor's friends. We got on the train (after talking to Nad for 10 minutes on my cell!) but since we didn't have time to buy tickets before hand we had to pay 62 kronar!! Arg.. Oh well. Get into town, have a slow walk up to Mange's. Then we see how Wii is played. Ha it's cool!!! Except it would get old, real fast. Then it was basically a mad spooning session on Mange's bed. HAhaa! Most comfortable thing in the world. I fell alseep and came home a bit late, but I told Anders today and he didn't mind.


So on Thursday Rachelle made her first presentation infront of her Rotary club. The one about Canada and life back home. It was a rainy day but the girls all met up on the bus, and then walked to the hotel where the Rotary is held. It seems so much different from the lunches we (Stephanie, Jo, and I) have for our clubs, but dinner meetings are always different. Rachelle had so many people there to support her! It was nice to see. She did a good job of half swedish- half english so there's no way the club can say she hasn't learnt anything. Since she has, and no they haven't said that about her. I just mean if they wanted to think that it would be false! She sang O Canada! Ha oh how I miss that song!
After parents Roos drove RAchelle and I to the H-If match because my Rotary councilor and her boyfriend weren't going to be there that day and they have season tickets so they let me have them! She's really cool. The field was disgusting by 10 minutes in because it was raining. But we won 1-0. Then I walked down to Knutpunktin and took the bus up to my house haha Which is about as fast as me walking from Olympia Stadium to my house! But it was nice with Rachelle's company haha!



Ha oh dear lord. Rachelle, Stephanie, and I make for a good time.
ha oh little Stephanie not from Canada.


Lucia buns! Ulrika and I made some on Monday. I must get the recipe before I go home. Yahoo for Christmas.